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Travel Planning

Work Hard. Play Harder. The world is too big and too small for anything else.

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Mystery Plans

Think of a choose your own adventure where you don't know what's going to come next until you get there. 

You pick a destination city and a theme. Romance in Budapest, no problem. Adrenaline in Prauge. I got you. The possibilites are endless. 

I'll book your entire trip (plane tickets to/from starting destination) and send you day-to-day updates on what comes next in your adventure.

Starting at $200


Take all the stress out of planning your trip and do the research, create itineraries, and put together curated lists of things to do and where to go based on your needs and interests. (And yes, that could include a gluten-free paradise trip to Italy or a Hobbit-themed trip to New Zealand).

You'll receive personalised, step-by-step directions to making your trip happen, a travel journal and an itinerary complete with suggestions for flights and accommodations.

Starting at $300

One Stop Shop

All-inclusive travel planning. You leave all the work and stress of planning the trip, booking hotels, and navigating the needs of your group with me.

My job? Take care of all the details (big and small), provide ongoing support while you're travelling, and

Your job? Take the trip of your dreams. Literally.

20% of total travel expenses