Events Consulting

Every event has a purpose it's trying to achieve. That purpose drives the whole thing. It drives the planning, the preperation, the execution, and the follow-up. Whether it's a wedding or a dinner party, a babyshower or family reunion, a conference or a business meeting, how we meet and how we gather defines how we live together. 

Let's plan an intentional and consicous event that is remembered and cherished together. (And yes, even a business meeting can be a cherished event.) We'll be generous and we will be orthodox. We'll preserve the way of tradition while flinging open the doors to the new and modern.

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Pricing & Packages

Pricings are event and service-dependent but typically range from $400-3000. 

Lower rates are available for events aimed at solving social justice issues and for BIPOC, disabled, and/or queer clients regardless of the kind of event they are hosting.

Event Planning Consultation

Hidden in the back of your mind must be a dream for your ideal event. We’ll work together to tease it out and make it a reality. Whether it's a wedding, a baby shower, a drag show, a business meeting or any other kind of gathering we can turn it from the spark of an idea to fulfilled reality through the use of universal and accessible design principles.

Cost: Subject to size and scale of the event and additional services requested. All programs start at a base rate of $1000.

What you get:

  • 1-1.5 hour initial consultation
  • Personalised guidebook for making your event happen
    • A curated list of necessary resources like caterers, florists, locations, and more
    • Detailed itinerary
    • Guides for prepping your guests, hosting them, and following up with them
    • Step-by-step directions for making your event happen
    • …and more
  • Weekly 30-minute check-ins leading up to the event
  • On-call support on the day of the event
  • Optional additions:
    • Interviews with stakeholders and/or community members
    • Event management
    • Facilitation & onsite support for the event

Event Plan Review & Feedback

Maybe you already have a plan in mind. Maybe you or your organisation have been running the same event the same way for years and it’s time to breathe new life into it. Maybe you realise your event isn’t accessible, is not serving the people you want it to serve, or simply doesn’t feel quite right yet.

No frett. We’ll work together to turn this event into everything you know it could be and more.

Price: $400*

What you get:

  • A detailed review of your event plan
  • Feedback with tangible, practical options for improvement and new direction
  • Feedback to improve accessibility and apply universal design principals
  • 1-hour call to review my feedback together, answer your questions, and help you define your next best step

*If, after having your event reviewed, you’d like a full event consulting package, the review fee will be discounted from the total fee.

Get in Touch

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