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Inspired and influenced by years of hosting, facilitating and supporting group gatherings, My Darling Simplicity was born from the observation that simplicity in all of its daring glory has something to teach us - not only in how we gather but in how we live. Through 1:1 coaching, events consulting, and content and copy writing services, I aim to walk along side you in pursuit of the life you want to live and the story you want to tell.

KP Hartman

KP's first love was and remains to be the Colorado Rockies. Raised by the Foothills, they regularly allowed themselves to get lost in and learn from the wilderness around them. As a teenager, they became fascinated with how people relate to each other and to the world around them. This fascination has only grown since then.

At eighteen, KP left their beloved Rockies for university and the Cascade range where they pursued a degree in Recreational Therapy. They spent several years working in recreational therapy supporting the quality of life goals of their clients, advocating alongside them, and running inclusive and adaptive events, retreats, and therapeutic programs. They've also planned and hosted various online and in-person yoga and meditation retreats, mastermind and AMA sessions, and outdoor adventure-based pursuits. Each event was intentionally crafted to break out of the suffocating requirements of tradition in pursuit of something far more generous to both hosts and guests.

Inspired by simple living, a profound love of the wilderness, and the intricacies of human relationships, KP continues to write copy and provide community and event consulting for rebels with a cause. Additionally, the provide workshops, coaching, and more for individuals seeking balance, preventing and recoverying from burnout, or wishing to engage in a more delightful leisure lifestyle.

 They've worked with NOMAWO, Bhakti Marga and Shree Peetha Nilaya - The Ashram, the Just Love Collective, and is a regular contributor for The Wheel Digital Magazine.

What strikes me as the most fascinating with KP is the safe atmosphere they create to be fully open in conversation about all facets of life and allow our curiosities to guide us.

My recommendation is to work with this person who makes you feel seen, heard, and
validated in the range of thoughts and emotions you go through within a professional

Emma Norton, Egoxless

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